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29 May Summer work for Robert and Anton No 1

Listen to this talk and be ready to answer the questions (post the answers here in 'Comments' or send me the -mail)

New Words:

1 preconceptions предвзятое мнение; предубеждение
2 preconceived предвзятый, пристрастный, предубеждённый
3 reptiles пресмыкающиеся
4 rabid неистовый, яростный; фанатичный
5 figment - вымысел, домысел, ложь, фикция
6 prolific плодовитый, плодоносный
7 numb онемелый, оцепенелый, неподвижный
8 perpetrating совершать, быть ответственным за (что-л.)
9 smitte поразить, сразить
Doris Norden the name of his mother
Rama Chattopadhyaya his father’s name
10 captivated очаровывать, пленять, покорять, увлекать
11 gharial - the crocodile, which grows to almost 20 feet long in the northern rivers
12 the king cobra - the charismatic snake
13 indelible scar - несмываемый; нестираемый шрам
14 limbless лишенный конечностей
15 incubate сидеть (на яйцах) ; высиживать, выводить
16 hatch вылупляться из яйца
17 There is very high mortality in little baby reptiles who are just 10 to 12 inches long.
magical place called Agumbe, in Karnataka
18 This first encounter was kind of like the Masai boy who kills the lion to become a warrior.
19 fray драка, стычка; ссора, перепалка
20 we are trying to gather and learn virtually everything about the biodiversity of this incredibly complex forest system
21 You can almost hear the drums throbbing back in that little cottage where we stay when we're there
22 throb сильно биться, пульсировать
23 They are fascinated with snakes
24 a venomous pit viper гремучие змеи, ямкоголовые змеи
25 breeding season период размножения
26 to mate with спариваться, размножаться
27 We're still trying to explain and come to terms with what is the evolutionary advantage of this
28 to come to terms with - прийти к соглашению (с кем-л.)
29 And they did this incredible ritual combat dance - исполнить ритуальный танец-драку
30 It's very much like the rutting of mammals - половая охота, течка, гон
31 no biting allowed кусаться запрещено
32 of Project Tiger which started back in the early 70s
33 We were piloted, I could say, by a highly autocratic stateswoman, but who also had an incredible passion for environment.
34 protect its habitat защитить их среду обитания
35 All the major rivers in south India are sourced in the Western Ghats, the chain of hills running along the west coast of India
36 it supplies drinking water to at least 300 million people
37 And what do we do? How do we respond to this? Well, basically, we dam it, we pollute it, we pour in pesticides, weedicides, fungicides
38 .It seems that our citizens find the best way to dispose of garbage are in water sources.
39 North central India, the Ohambal River is where we have our base
40 if you seethe map the range of their original habitat was all the way from the Indus in Pakistan to the Irrawaddy in Burma
41 And now it's just limited to a couple of spots in Nepal and India
42 complacency самодовольство, удовлетворённость; самоуспокоенность
43 contempt презрение, неуважение, нарушение норм права; неповиновение
44 But then the monsoon arrives, and unfortunately down river the re is always a dam or there is always a barrage
45 dam дамба
46 barrage плотина; дамба, запруда, перемычка
47 For example, in the winter of 2007 and 2008, there was this incredible die-off of gharial, in the Chambal River
48 This is a relatively clean river. The Chambal has Clearwater. People scoop water out of the Chambal and drink it,
49 scoop черпать, зачерпывать; вычерпывать
50 gout подагра (болезнь, вызываемая нарушением обмена веществ,
с преимущественным поражением суставов)
51 And it came down to something called gout, which, as a result of kidney breakdown is actually uric acid crystals throughout the body, and worse in the joints, which made the gharial unable to swim
52 kidney почка
53 uric acid мочевая кислота
54 joint сочленение, сустав
the Chambal
the sacred Yamuna river
55 cesspool 1) выгребная яма 2) сточный колодец
56 repository хранилище ; база, склад
of the Ganges river dolphin
57 migratory birds мигрирующий
58 intolerance нетерпимость
59 like the Ganges river dolphin which is just down to a few left
60 go berserk прийти в бешенство, прийти в ярость
61 the decision makers
62 the folks in power
63 a bleak future for them унылый, гнетущий, безрадостный
64 Government cut through all the red tape - прорубаться сквозь
65 red tape бюрократизм, волокита, канцелярщина
the Adyar river in Chennai
the Mula-muta river in Pune
66 The corporates, the artists, the wildlife nuts, the good old everyday folks can actually bring these rivers back
67 nuts сумасшедший, чокнутый; рехнувшийся, спятивший
68 powerful water totems
69 I take the sort of humble approach
70 huggable
71 I think he's after the nusha
72 be after приставать
73 he gets this little venom rush
74 venom яд (животного происхождения, особенно змеиный)
75 rush прилив, приток крови

Listen to the talk answer the questions

1 what city did he grow up?
2 where did his mother take him?
3 which adjective does he use to describe the king cobra?
4 how many days can the cobra eggs incubate?
5 ‘hate / despise / loath’ – which verb describes the strongest emotion?
6 which (animal) is worshiped by people from Northern India?
7 what did the researchers insert into cobras to find out more about the secrets?
8 what do king cobras feed on – 1 - fish, 2 - rats, 3 - snakes?
9 And our job is to convince the authorities that these forests ……. -? (fill in the gap).
10 This is the home of the gharial, this incredible crocodile. It is an animal which has been on the Earth for just about ……..(?) million years
11 since it eats only ……..(?) it's not dangerous to human beings
12 there are only ……..(?) breeding gharial left in the wild
13 ….. release ………..(?) baby gharial back to the wild
14 Why? How could the incredible die-off happen?
15 So, it seemed that the toxin that was killing the gharial was something in the ………..(?)
16 ... putting radios on ………(?) gharial, and actually following their movements
17 …Which actually Shekhar Kapur made and incredible movie, ………..(?), which I urge you to see
18 So, we're not sure where this story is going to end, whether it's got a ….. (?) or …(?) ending.
19 ." I look at it as a creature who is totally …………(?) of something so dangerous as a human being

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