вторник, 18 августа 2009 г.

Richi Rock on Edufire and his blog

Richi Rock in an American instructor, teacher, educator on Edufire.

He teaches Vocabulary Expansion and Listening Practice through Cultural English.
In his classes he carries out Analysis of English spoken at authentic velocity using cool and entertaining videos found on-line + Exercises to increase understanding + Explanation of useful expressions + Focus on phrasal verbs + Heavy use of wikipedia, Youtube and Twitter.com. Global LOL.

In his Edufire profile he writes - 'I like chillin and i like rockin. as for my teaching methodology, the challenge is keeping students engaged and excited. i build courses around students’ interests, and use examples and exercises from modern culture.

It is very good I can go on working on the vocabulary discussed in class using the materials of his blog. It helps me to memorise new words in context and it is very exciting to read his posts 'flavoured' with humor

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